What Can You Do With A Degree In Business?

Some college degrees have more clear-cut paths to careers than others. A degree in business might initially seem like a broad major, but a closer look reveals that the numerous options business degree holders have may leave them spoiled for choice!

The variety of business-related occupations and opportunities for career growth make this degree the most popular. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, in 2015-16, a business degree was the most awarded bachelor’s and master’s degree in the country. The reasons behind the popularity of this field can range from globalization and a growing economy to the complexity of tax rules and regulations and the increased use of big data in creating data-driven market strategies.

Careers with a business degree

The diversity of the skill set acquired during the course of study allows business majors to pursue a variety of jobs including positions in accounting, human resources, research and analysis, and financial advising. Analytical thinking, communication, problem-solving abilities, and time-management are the versatile skills that may translate into job stability.

Careers in the field of business are continually adapting and changing to suit the needs of consumers and clients providing for competitive salaries and job growth, making a degree in business a smart move depending on one’s career aspirations.

Potential earnings with a business degree

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, many business-related occupations recorded higher earnings than those for all other workers. Apart from potential earnings, prospective students may want tolook at projected job outlooks as well before making a career choice. Typical jobs for business majors are:

Personal financial planners/advisors

  • Projected job growth: 15 percent (2016-26)
  • Mean annual wage: $124,140

Accountant and auditors

  • Projected job growth: 10 percent (2016-26)
  • Mean annual wage: $77,920

Market research analysts

  • Projected job growth: 23 percent (2016-26)
  • Mean annual wage: $71,450

The projected job growth for careers with business degrees between 2016 and 2026 is consistently above average – the careers listed in this infographic boast between 10 percent and 23 percent job growth by 2026.

Online Business Degree Options

Online business degree programs make it possible for those who are working or have familial or other responsibilities to earn a degree and enhance their candidacy for better-paying jobs. Earning a business degree allows you to specialize further, should you so desire, by pursuing an online master’s in finance, accountancy, business administration, or management.

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