Search Online Degrees By State In The USA

It is now commonly agreed upon that online degree programs are increasing access to higher education to a large number of individuals from a variety of backgrounds. What may not be commonly known is that when these individuals choose to earn their degrees online, most do not live far away from the colleges or universities they enroll in.

In fact, a 2020 survey of online students by Wiley Education Services found that 75 percent of online college students enrolled in colleges within a 50-mile radius of their homes — an increase over the 67 percent reported in the 2019 survey. The 2020 survey also reported that half of online college students actually lived less than 15 miles away from their school.

Bearing this in mind, we created this handy search tool that can help you find online degree programs by location. Additionally, we’ve looked at each state individually to give you carefully researched information on:

  • The condition of state job markets including the demand for college graduates and top occupations
  • The quality of online education in the state
  • State-specific scholarships and financial aid programs
  • Common college entrance tests

We’ve also included rankings for the best online colleges and the best online degree programs in each state using a ranking methodology that takes into account factors that are important to you as a prospective online student including tuition, percentage of students participating in distance education, degree completion rates, flexibility, placement services, and more.

Click on a state page below to explore what it’s like to be an online student there or enter your zip code in the box above to explore schools near you that offer online degree programs in topics that interest you.


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