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How to Succeed at Community College Former president Obama has hailed community colleges as providing a "gateway to millions of Americans to good jobs and a better life." But somewhere along the way, community college students have lost sight of the dream. A report by NSC Research Center 2018 shows that around 39 percent of the students who began at a… Continue Reading
15 Best Big Cities For New Grads 2019 Graduating from college and preparing to make your mark on the world is one big feat. There are so many questions that pop up at this time of life, including where to live, how to land your dream job and what to do with your spare time. It may be that big city life is… Continue Reading
A 10-Point Guide To Choosing An Online Nursing Program A career in nursing can be suitable for those who can combine compassion with the emotional resilience required to cope with human suffering. Good communication and critical thinking skills along with physical stamina are necessary qualities to have or acquire. The field of nursing offers a variety of options. Nurses may have the opportunity to… Continue Reading
Top 20 Highest-Paying Online Bachelor’s Degrees In 2019 There are plenty of bachelor's degree programs to choose from but when you're looking to maximize the ROI on your education investment, you may want to choose a bachelor's degree program that has the potential to yield the highest pay. To help you find such programs, we've listed the top online bachelor's degree programs with… Continue Reading
10 Successful Online Learning Strategies Thinking of enrolling in an online degree program? It definitely has its perks — flexibility, potential savings on cost and time, convenience — to name a few. While the benefits are many, this can also be true: online degree programs can require a tremendous amount of self-discipline. It's usually up to you when to get… Continue Reading