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10 Mistakes Students Frequently Make With Distance Education More students are taking online degrees today than ever before. According to a Sloan Consortium report released in January 2014, online enrollment comprised 33.5 percent -- a full one-third -- of total college enrollment. Yet, retention of online students is consistently 10 to 20 percent lower than retention in face-to-face courses. As a college writing… Continue Reading
Earning A Degree Online: What To Consider Online degrees have become an increasingly viable alternative to traditional, campus-based degree programs. And thanks to the flexibility and convenience of online learning, as well as growing support among universities, more and more students are considering online options when pursuing their degree. But before signing up for any online program, students need to be sure… Continue Reading
Is An Online PhD Program Right For You? At first glance, it might seem as though doctoral degree programs would be among the most suitable for online or other forms of distance education. After all, classwork constitutes just a small percentage of student activity within most doctoral programs, with classes usually taking place during just the first 1-2 years of a 3-5+ year… Continue Reading
What Is The Perception Of Online College Degrees? Distance learning has come a long way since correspondence courses first offered students the chance to pursue a college education from home. Today, online degree programs take advantage of the latest in telecommunications technology to beam virtual classrooms directly to laptops around the world. And just as their delivery methods have evolved in recent years,… Continue Reading
3 Things You Should Know About Online Degree Completion Programs On June 15, Starbucks chairman Howard Schultz announced a plan to help thousands of workers finish their college degrees. A partnership with Arizona State University is enabling the coffee giant to fully reimburse tuition costs for any of its employees who enroll at ASU Online with two years or more of transferable college credit on… Continue Reading