15 Best Big Cities For New Grads 2019

15 Best Big Cities for New Grads 2019

Graduating from college and preparing to make your mark on the world is one big feat. There are so many questions that pop up at this time of life, including where to live, how to land your dream job and what to do with your spare time.

It may be that big city life is for you. You may be the type of person who likes urban commutes, museums, the arts, the theater, ball games and more. If you are still deciding what place might be best, OnlineDegrees.com has made a list of the best big cities for college graduates in the U.S. Average median rent, the number of arts and entertainment centers and median earnings for bachelor’s degree holders were just some of the factors used to compile this list. This year, two new metrics were used to provide more perspective, including commute time to work and the crime rate per 100,000.

For this particular list we examined cities that had a population of more than 750,000 and used a nine-factor 10-point scale to rank the top 15 locations. Some of these cities, like Austin, Texas and Columbus, Ohio return to our list for another year, but others — like New York City — are new. Keep on reading to find out which big city might be right for a new college graduate just like you.