How to Earn Your General Education Requirements Online

Most college degree programs typically have certain general course requirements. These courses may include life and physical sciences, history, humanities, math and English, and foreign language. Known as general education or core requirements, these courses can take two to three years to complete. If you're working full time and/or have a family, this might discourage you from getting your degree--but don't let it. Online education makes it possible to attend college from your home or office.

General Education Requirements Provide Foundation
If you're interested in a business degree, you may wonder why it's necessary to study humanities or history. Since ancient times, general education courses have been considered necessary in providing a wide breadth of knowledge and cultural understanding. In today's global economy, a background in humanities, history, and foreign language can be desirable. In four-year degree programs, general education courses are designed to provide a broad foundation for the more specific study associated with bachelor's degree programs.

Online Education Brings the Classroom to You
A major part of earning a college degree involves making presentations. If you are shy or self-conscious, online learning provides a comfortable forum for interacting with your instructors and colleagues. Online learning technologies enable instructors to provide many types of learning tools, too. You can watch films, view art exhibits and take courses from accounting to zoology online. Take the first step in getting your college degree, by taking your first course online.

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