Online Degrees In Corporate Training

For business experts and other professionals interested in enhancing their qualifications to teach and train others, enrolling in a corporate training program could be an effective way to meet their goals. Online degrees in corporate training provide graduates with the knowledge they need to instruct others as well as the practical skills that are necessary to bring greater efficiency to the workplace.

An online education degree in corporate training prepares students for work in management and human resources, teaching, business consulting, and a variety of corporate leadership positions. According to the American Society for Training and Development, an education in this field may lead to a variety of career paths, including:

  • Teacher
  • Corporate training consultant
  • Technology consultant
  • Performance improvement specialist
  • Human resources manager
  • In-house corporate training specialist
  • Job evaluation specialist
  • Compliance training instructor

The majority of corporate training programs are offered as master’s degrees, usually an MBA or M.Ed. These degrees focus on management skills, human resources and team building strategies, marketing, business writing, communication, and conflict resolution, as well as the growing importance of technology in modern jobs. Unlike campus-based training programs, online coursework is more focused on technology and its applications in corporate teaching and in the workplace.

Most jobs in corporate training are in human resources departments or in-house training divisions of large corporations. Other related positions can be found in corporate training companies that provide services to businesses. Some corporate training consultants are self employed and work on a freelance or contract basis.

In addition to leading corporate training seminars or designing training programs, corporate trainers may also publish training materials, author books or blogs on topics in which they are experts, and travel to speak at or attend various conferences.

A career in corporate training is ideal for people who are passionate about education and who enjoy teaching others, especially in a professional setting. Public speaking skills are a must, as is a high level of confidence working with computers. Since a great deal of today’s corporate training revolves around introducing new technology to experienced workers, a comfort level with new and evolving technology is vital to succeed in this field.

One of the advantages of working toward an online degree is that it allows business professionals to continue to work while pursuing an education that may lead to future promotions and other career opportunities. Professionals looking to advance in business may find value in a master’s degree in corporate training.

  • Education: Most corporate training degrees are offered at the master’s level and generally take two years to complete
  • Careers: Degree holders commonly go into corporate training, public speaking, business consulting or human resources
  • Salary: The mean annual salary for human resources managers is $121,220 (BLS, 2020). The mean annual salary for training and development managers is $115,640 (BLS, 2020)
  • Key skills: Important skills and interests include teaching, public speaking and technology

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