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Most Employable Tech Degrees In 2020 Remember Rosie, the robot housekeeper, from the Jetsons? The way tech is progressing, she might just become a reality sooner than you may think. The fields of robotics, computers, and technology are changing the world as we know it. In fact, there's barely any aspect of our lives that are untouched by them. CompTIA reports… Continue Reading
5 Future Jobs That Artificial Intelligence Might Create The use of artificial intelligence or AI has become an integral part of many areas of modern life — from the obvious smartphones and computers to healthcare, business, manufacturing and many more areas. But what is artificial intelligence? The science of artificial intelligence involves developing systems that help machines to reason, deduce and even learn… Continue Reading
2019 Best Online Business Administration Colleges In Texas The Lone Star State is home to 48 Fortune 500 companies ranking third in the United States after California and New York. Twenty-two of these Texas-based companies have their home in the Dallas-Fort Worth region which has one of the largest concentrations of tech workers in the country. According to the Dallas Regional Chamber, Texas… Continue Reading
What Motivated These 4 To Quit Their Jobs And Make A Career Shift? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the rate of employee attrition has been increasing each year since 2000, when BLS began collecting this information. In 2018, about 40 million employees were predicted to quit their employment. Mercer, a global Human Resources (HR) consulting firm, picks up the figures of "employee quits" by category:… Continue Reading
The 10 Most Versatile Degrees For Career Flexibility You already know the benefits of a college education — higher salaries, increased career prospects and even a better quality of life. You're ready for all college has to offer, but there's one major problem — selecting a major, that is. What if you end up not liking the major as much as you thought… Continue Reading