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The Best Online Degrees tool from can help you easily find which majors offer the most bang for your buck. Simply enter a major in the search box below to see how it stacks up against more than 700 other degrees. Want to see another? Just enter a new degree title in the search bar. You'll also find the top professions associated with the degree, as well as projected salary and tuition costs by state.

We've ranked every degree field based on numerous cost-benefit factors, including average tuition cost, the number of related professions and their average salaries, projected job openings in the field, and projected job growth rates.

Where did we get the data?

Our data is taken from the most recent reports issued by Bureau of Labor Statistics and the National Center for Education Statistics.

Why isn't all the data available?

Not all professions have annual salaries and are instead paid on an hourly basis. Because working hours can change throughout the year, we can't reliably create a annual salary. This is why the average salaries for some of the top professions might be listed as "N/A."

In addition, not all states provide growth data for each profession. In these cases, the state-level data may show N/A for job growth percentage.

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