The Best Online Degrees 2016

The Best Online Degrees tool from OnlineDegrees.com can help you easily find which majors offer the most bang for your buck. Simply enter a major in the search box below to see how it stacks up against the other 1250 degrees. Want to see another? Just enter a new degree title in the search bar. You'll also find the top professions associated with the degree, as well as projected salary and tuition costs by state. Be sure to compare the top professions for a degree against the growth rate and salary for all other occupations!

We've ranked every degree field based on numerous cost-benefit factors, including average tuition cost, average length of completion, number of related professions, openings in the field, average graduate salary, and projected national growth rate. For a listed ranking of the top 50 degrees based on our analysis, or to learn more about our methodology, check out the Most Employable Degrees of 2015 in our Press Room.

Where did we get the data?

Our data is taken from the most recent Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System records. Because large records take time to compile, the most up to date data might be from 2013 or before.

Why isn't all the data available?

Not all professions have annual salaries and are instead paid on an hourly basis. Because working hours can change throughout the year, we can't reliably create a annual salary. This is why some degrees' average salary data is "N/A". In other cases, some states don't record data for a profession and, rather than create possibly misleading state averages, we've chosen to omit those states entirely.

In addition, some colleges do not provide IPEDS all the degrees they offer and as such, sometimes we can't calculate the per-year cost of earning the degree. In these instances we've listed the data as "N/A".

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