Exercise And Rest Improve Workplace Productivity And Morale According To OnlineDegrees.com Infographic

Each year, fatigued and inefficient workers cost companies an estimated $136 billion. A new infographic from OnlineDegrees.com explores the various ways employers and workers combat this and actually raise productivity and morale on the job.

Foster City, CA

OnlineDegrees.com, a leading education site since 2003, recently launched “Pep Up Your Productivity,” an infographic highlighting specific activities shown to increase workplace productivity and morale.

According to a 2008 study by the University of Bristol, exercise during work hours benefits employees both physically and mentally. More than 70 percent of workers reported better time management and interpersonal communication on the days they exercised. Forty-one percent felt more motivated.

“Exercise can improve employee efficiency and job satisfaction tremendously,” said Kevin Phang, spokesperson for OnlineDegrees.com. “This infographic looks at the benefits of exercise during the workday, but also explores numerous other ways employers and employees facilitate health, happiness and motivation on the job.”

Along with gym memberships and other employer perks, a simple nap can boost workers’ productivity. Thirty-four percent of people who napped during work hours reported improved performance, according to a NASA study.

“Of course, employees are responsible for their own health and well being,” explained Phang. “But the more employers do to help reduce stress levels and increase job satisfaction, the more productive the employees will be in the longer term.”

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