Westwood College Online

[strong]Westwood Online – Anytime, Anywhere Learning[/strong] You’re here, you’re there. You want a career but how can you fit school into the mix? The answer is Westwood College, Online. This is a way for you to get a quality Westwood education from your own home or anywhere there’s a computer with internet access, and do it on your time. Working around your current schedule and commitments, you can start and finish an associate degree in less then 17 months or a bachelor’s degree in less than three years and be on your way to that new career. [strong]Westwood College Online[/strong] isn’t just about reading books or taking tests; it’s about ensuring you learn the career-oriented skills necessary to begin your new career. And because each program is designed through a collaboration of instructors and business leaders, you get an educational experience that will help you succeed in your chosen field.