Top 20 Highest-Paying Online Bachelor’s Degrees In 2019

Top 20 Highest-Paying Online Bachelor’s Degrees in 2019

There are plenty of bachelor’s degree programs to choose from but when you’re looking to maximize the ROI on your education investment, you may want to choose a bachelor’s degree program that has the potential to yield the highest pay.

To help you find such programs, we’ve listed the top online bachelor’s degree programs with the highest earning potential using a methodology that takes into account factors like median salaries, projected job openings and the number of schools offering these degrees online. Please take some time to look at our methodology at the bottom of the page.

By 2020, 23 percent of jobs are predicted to need a bachelor’s degree, according to a Georgetown University study. For those who are already working, have part- or full-time jobs, or a family to take care of, online programs might offer you the flexibility you need to balance your commitments and earn a bachelor’s degree to help advance your career.

It is important to remember, however, that not all degree programs are offered completely online. Depending on the field of study, some may have a practical component that would require you to visit your school’s campus or a nearby facility.

Starting from the 20th position, scroll down to discover the online bachelor’s degree program that tops the list for the highest earning potential.  Drumrolls, please!