Americans Take Technology Addiction To The Toilet, According To Infographic

Recently, integrated marketing agency 11mark conducted a survey of 1,000 Americans with mobile phones to determine just how far the addiction to hand-held devices has gone. analyzed the results of the survey and created an infographic that shows the findings.

Foster City, CA, a leading education site since 2003, recently launched “Toilet Texting: A disturbing look at America’s smartphone addiction” which highlights the use of mobile phones while in the restroom.

One “disturbing” fact revealed in the infographic shows that an overwhelming 75 percent of those surveyed admit that they use their smartphones while on the toilet. Among iPhone, Blackberry and Droid users, some of the most common tasks completed in the restroom are reading and sending email, surfing the Internet and social networking.

“While the statistics about people taking their mobile phones with them to the bathroom is entertaining, it also provides insight into the online habits of today’s Americans,” commented Kevin Phang, spokesperson. “We need to be online all the time–quite literally.”

The survey also found a correlation between age and smartphone use in the restroom. The younger a smartphone user is, the more likely they are to take their phone with them to the bathroom. In fact, 91 percent of users aged 20-35 admit to using an app, surfing the web and even shopping while on the toilet. Although there is no research yet about students doing homework or collaborating with classmates while they take care of business, it doesn’t mean that they haven’t.

“Studying on the toilet might not be that farfetched,” continued Phang. “As technology continues to evolve, so will the Internet habits of Americans, and educational institutions will have to follow suit.”

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