Computer Science Models Can Predict Environmental Disasters

The age of technology is making its presence known in the realm of the environment. The latest computer science tools can actually predict the degree of damage we can expect from various national disasters. This capability can save thousands of lives each year.

Believe it or not, the recent damage wrought by deadly Hurricane Katrina was already predicted by computer science models that specialize in the events surrounding natural disasters. This latest computer technology is utilized by science to measure our preparedness in the event of a natural catastrophe. Emergency organizations and personnel have access to potential damage reports, resources summaries, and evacuation procedures based on the simulations of this computer science software. It is a step in the right direction for national safety.

Computer Science: Lowering the Degree of the Unexpected

  • Preparation and Planning. Computer science models give information that emergency teams use to prepare for storms.
  • Fake Disasters. Experts feed valuable data received from simulated disasters to help refine the computer science models.
  • Communication Demands. The recent findings have reemphasized the need for quality communications equipment during an emergency.

The field of computer science is making incredible strides in the preparation for natural disasters. You can be a part of the cause when you earn an online degree in computer science. Here is what the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has to say about the value of an online computer science degree.

The Online Computer Science Degree Up Close

  • Four Year Training. Online computer science degree programs are typically four years of advanced training.
  • High Tech Field. Computer science positions for online degree holders will grow faster than the national average through 2012.
  • Expected Salary. Online computer science degree holders can expect to earn earned between $64,000 and $108,000 a year in 2004.

Earn an online computer science degree and you could make the difference between success and disaster during the next major storm.

Online Computer Programming Degrees Open Doors

The world of computer programming can be very exciting. As a computer programmer, you can use your technical skills and creativity to write new video games, create and design websites, or even write original software for businesses and other organizations that tell computers what to do.

A degree in computer programming will prepare you to write and design computer software and programs that perform specific tasks. In most computer programming degree programs, you will learn various computer languages, as well as studying software installation and maintenance. In addition, you will learn about database management and computer networks, and how to test your programs for errors before they go into use. A degree in computer programming also usually requires you to take several courses in computer science and math.

Many accredited colleges, universities, technical schools, and community colleges offer the opportunity to earn a degree in computer programming online. Online programs may be ideal if you are already working, or if you just prefer to have the flexibility to study when and where you want. By earning your degree online, you will be able to control how long it will take you to complete your degree.

Career Opportunities
Online degree programs in computer programming will provide you with the technical and creative skills to work in the information technology industry. They’ll prepare you for jobs as an entry-level computer programmer, where you will focus primarily on programming methods for collecting, organizing, processing and disseminating information. With a degree in computer programming, you will have a broad base of knowledge that can help you advance your career further than you ever thought possible.

Network Security: Making The Internet Safe For Business

Network security is a unique mixture of law enforcement and technology–and everyone needs it. With network security training, you can get positions with companies in any industry, and graduates of degree programs in this field are finding jobs quickly in this demanding market.

Network security is about providing a safe and secure computing experience for all users. It’s never been more important than it is right now, thanks to identity theft and hacker crimes. According the U.S. Department of Justice, there have been 13 federal network security cases prosecuted so far in 2006.

Network security training provides the most up to date techniques and cutting edge network security tools to stop cybercriminals in their tracks. Here are some of the responsibilities that might come with your new career.

Network Security: A Day in the Life

  • Network Update. The core of the job is updating virus files and network patches that work together to ensure security.
  • Security Log. You’ll learn how to log security breaches for review and action.
  • Cloak and Dagger. Sometimes, active roaming on the network is necessary to protect the security of the system from hackers and bugs.

The network security field will experience an explosion of opportunity over the next decade. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the industry will see a robust growth in employment, due to the premium placed on network security by nearly every business and organization. So how do you get involved?

The Network Security Career Profile

  • Basic Training. Most network security positions require at least a two-year associate’s degree in advanced network training.
  • Growing Field. Employment of network security specialists is expected to increase faster than the average for all occupations through 2014.
  • Consulting Opportunities. Build your network security resume, and you could become an industry consultant with the freedom and flexibility to choose your own jobs.

Parlay your computer skills into an exciting new career when you earn network security training.

Microsoft Takes Time To Keep Windows Consistent With Past

Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows Vista, is late. While this may come as bad news to computer makers, the reasons behind the delay are good for those who already have invested in Microsoft training.

Computer programming commentators are burning up the blogs and news shows. Microsoft’s hotly anticipated new Windows version, the first Windows release in five years, has been delayed yet again.

Microsoft Jobs Scare Averted

According to the New York Times, the reasons for the tardiness may be good news for those who already have Microsoft jobs and received Microsoft training.

According to insiders, the delay is because Microsoft, unlike Apple, insists on making its signature operating system compatible with all its previous versions. And this proves to be increasingly complicated for Microsoft programmers as times go on.

Microsoft Training Saved By Compatibility

Apple doesn’t worry about compatibility. If you use Apple OS X and try to operate an application that predates it, your Apple computer just fires up OS 9 to run parallel to OS X.

This is not allowed with Microsoft. Consequently, it becomes more and more difficult for Microsoft programmers to update Windows. But it also means that any new Windows system will never stray far from what Microsoft training recipients know already. Windows is always limited by what came before.

Microsoft Hampered By Compatibility?

“Microsoft feels it can’t get away with breaking compatibility,” said Mendel Rosenblum, a Stanford University computer scientist in the New York Times. “All of their applications must continue to run, and from an architectural point of view that’s a very painful thing.”

Microsoft training has become a worldwide standard for office work. Microsoft offers many levels of certification to prove expertise in using and programming its products.

Consequences for Microsoft Jobs

People with Microsoft jobs has been hugely anticipating the release of Windows Vista as Windows is the bedrock of whatever form of computer work they do.

For a while, when Vista was still known as the Longhorn project, it looked like the new version would be a radical turn from Windows of old. But Microsoft changed their direction, delaying the release date of the new Windows, but giving many with Microsoft training a big dose of relief.

The new Windows won’t be the radical break they feared.

A+ Computer Certification: A Credential Still Holding Its Value

Despite the magnificent changes that technology has wrought on the desktop or laptop computer, one thing remains the same. Professionals with A+ computer certification are still the recognized “go-to” contacts for font-line technical support. The A+ computer certification holds its value even today.

The impact of an A+ certification is recognized the world over. According to Office World News, “the A+ exam is available worldwide in French, German, Portuguese, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese and Japanese.” This remarkable accomplishment by the Computer Technology Industry Association emphasizes the skills and reputation that computer certification can bring. From massive help desk divisions to local mom-and-pop computer services, A+ certification is arguably the more preferred credential of the lot. Here are some of the skills you will develop in A+ computer certification through a distance learning environment.

A+ Certification: Challenging Concepts

  • Hardware. One of the tenants of computer certification is how to analyze and repair hardware components such as disc drives and monitors.
  • Software. Another critical aspect of A+ certification will prepare you to install, manage, and even create a variety of software programs.
  • Networking. Throughout your distance learning program, you will have the opportunity to manage and troubleshoot main frame networks.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, professionals with specialized computer training will enjoy substantial employment growth through 2014. And getting your A+ computer certification through a distance learning program holds a variety of unique benefits.

Distance Learning Program Benefits

  • Flexible Schedule. Distance learning means that you set your own schedule that will maximize your time and efforts.
  • No Campus Commute. You can enjoy classes from the comfort of your own room by choosing the distance learning experience.
  • Network of Support. Your distance learning program will provide you with a rich network of support, such as professors, counselors, and cohorts.

If you want a career with staying power, consider earning you’re A+ computer certification through a distance learning program right now.

Online Network Operations Degree

An online degree in network operations will give you the same technical education as a traditional, on-campus program, and it will prepare you to both create and manage any kind of computer network.


Network operations are the special functions used for connecting computers and external devices into a local-area network (LAN). Network operations include the implementation of operating systems in both the hardware and software used to enhance basic operating functions. Network features such as file and print sharing, account administration for users, and security are part of network operations. Network operations are designed for communication within a particular network only, such as a company or in-house network, as opposed to a larger, all-access database such as the Internet.

A Degree in Network Operations

Degrees in network operations are available at technical schools, community colleges, and universities across the country. Many of these schools also allow you the opportunity to earn your degree in network operations online. An online degree involves attending class and completing assignments online, and the degree is ideal if you are unable to commit to an on-campus program.

A degree in network operations covers the inner workings of network operating systems, the major components of a local area network, and how they interact with each other. Courses may include training in the introduction of networks and basic network structure, operating system fundamentals, data transmissions, networking protocols, network architecture, security, and network configuration and connectivity. You will learn the function and configuration of the major components of network operating systems as well as common terminology and standards associated with network operations. Earning a degree in network operations, whether on-campus, or online will also allow you to practice your course skills in the application of network operations.

Career Opportunities

Through your degree program in network operations you will develop the competency required in the IT field to both create and manage any network that may be required by a client. You will be able to manage the day-to-day operations of networks and to make sure that the systems are running effectively.

Online Computer Science Degree

An online computer science program will offer you a well-rounded education in the many facets of computer science, including network administration, computer programming, data-base administration, operating systems, and software development.

An Online Degree in Computer Science

Many institutions, including several accredited universities, offer the opportunity to earn an online degree in computer science from the comfort of your own home or office. These online degree programs may be ideal if you are working, or have other commitments in your life that may keep you from being able to attend traditional, on-campus classes, or if you just prefer to have the flexibility to work when and where you want. Online computer science degrees are designed to meet the needs of a variety of students, and to provide a college quality education for those who are seeking an alternative to traditional, on-campus study. Most online computer science degree programs will include detailed course information, module content, study packs, interactive exercises and tests, and access to on-line books, journals and other resources that are typically found on university campuses.

Computer Science Knowledge

An online computer science degree typically combines both theoretical and practical approaches to study to give you a solid, well-rounded understanding of computer science. An online computer science degree will provide you with skills in network administration, Internet communications, database administration, operating systems software, and software development, as well as fundamental computer science basics and knowledge. You will learn the major current programming languages such as C++, Unix, and Java, as well as an understanding of the principles of other computer languages.

The main objective of an online computer science degree programs is to provide you with the opportunity to develop and demonstrate knowledge and skills relevant to designing and developing programming solutions to computer problems, and understanding the complexity of computer systems and how they operate.

A Career in Computer Science

Online Computer Science degree programs are designed around texts and interactive learning technologies that will help you to create your learning environment from wherever you are. You will complete your online degree ready to begin in, or advance in a career in areas such as computing in industry and commerce, or research in computer science or other related disciplines. With an online computer science degree you will also be prepared to go on to additional training or graduate study in computer science should you choose to, where career and study opportunities will continue to be expanded.

Getting An IT Job: It’s All About Networking

Computer networking is one of the foremost technologies of our time. As the industry that focuses on how computers are connected, it can drive the success or the failure of any business. Major corporations rely on computer networking to deliver data and information to millions of people around the globe.

This job market is huge. Communications giant AT&T just secured a contract with Goodrich Corporation, for instance, to provide over $4 million in network services based on this cutting-edge technology.

Online Degrees in Computer Networking
An online degree in computer networking can prepare you for a challenging, global career, using online courses to build your skills in a relevant and high-demand industry that shows no signs of slowing down.

In an online program, you’ll learn the basics of information technology, computer networking, Internet services, and wireless communication. Some degree programs are offered one course at a time, and others move at an accelerated pace. Most online degree programs offer courses according to a variety of schedules, which allows students with families and jobs the flexibility they need to earn their degrees.

IT Job Opportunities
An online computer networking degree can help qualify you for a job as a systems administrator or network specialist at a business or corporation. Online courses in network security can help make you a future database administrator or network security specialist. Having a variety of job options to choose from is one of the key benefits of an online degree program.

You should also think about qualifying for future salaries that are well above the national average. The average annual salary of network and computer systems administrators is $58,190. An online degree can help get you there.

Huliq, “Choosing AT&T for Next-Generation Network Technology”
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Computer Support Specialists and Systems Administrators”

Get Online Training For The Information Age

Combining technology with education is a natural choice for computer science majors. An online course in computer science can give you the broad technical education you’re looking for.

There are a number of reasons why training for a technology career makes sense. Computers are a part of everyday life for individuals as well as businesses of all sizes, and distance learning programs in computer science are designed to give students the benefit of a broad-based education.

A “Typical” Online training Program
Online degrees and diploma programs at every level of education are available, geared towards different kinds of students. In that sense, a “typical” online training program will actually be far from typical, depending on your background and skills.

Diploma programs and associate’s degrees in computer programming might teach skills in operating systems, networking, and software applications. Students looking for an online course in computer science can find bachelor’s degree programs in IT/networking, security management, and information science. The program you choose will tailor your skill sets to a wide range of careers within the information technology field.

Distance Learning Pays Off
Careers in a number of information technology fields are expected to grow quickly in the coming years, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Training for these careers can really pay off– computer science careers feature comfortable working conditions and favorable job prospects, including the potential for self-employment. Earnings for computer scientists average $85,190 per year.

Even starting salaries in computer science are high, with averages ranging from $67,750 to $95,500 for database administrators. No distance learning program can guarantee a career, but an education could open up job opportunities from employers who prefer or require prior training.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics

Online Training In Computer Security Means Job Security, Too

Hackers regularly target major software programs like Windows, increasing the need for computer security all over the U.S. Completing online training in computer security, or earning your degree through an online program, can lead to a secure future for you and the country’s computers.

It seems that a new computer virus is discovered every week, spreading like wildfire through poorly protected networks and loophole-filled operating systems. Once opened, the virus usually allows the hacker to infect the user’s desktop and gain access to files, keystrokes, and even passwords.

Computer Security Education Online
As hackers become more sophisticated, the need for computer security grows. Online degree programs and training courses are very popular for their flexibility. Getting your education online in computer security can be an ideal way to enter the industry without interrupting your life to attend school.

There are many online degree programs to choose from.

You can earn an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in computer science or digital forensics through an online degree program. A bachelor’s in database administration is another option that provides online training in web development and network security.

Online Training
Another option is to complete subject-specific training. Check out these courses you can take through an online degree program:

  • Firewalls, Perimeter Protection, and VPNs
  • Hacker Techniques, Exploits and Incident Handling
  • System Forensics, Investigation and Response
  • Server Operating Systems
  • Criminology
  • Interview and Interrogation

If you want a job at the forefront of the technology boom, consider earning your degree online in computer security.