Distance Learning For Women In Small Business

Women start home-based businesses for any number of reasons–the desire to stay at home to care for children, for example. For stay-at-home moms, starting a home business might seem intimidating, but online training in small business management can provide the confidence that comes with know-how.

Taking a course online makes sense for anyone based in the home. Typical online training courses involve flexible time commitments and require no classroom attendance, making it a viable choice for stay-at-home moms. If you have a dream of starting a small business but aren’t sure how, a course online in small business management can give you the skills you need for success.

Online training for Small Business Success
“I can remember my mother making the best salsa,” Linda Torres-Winters said in an interview with the U.S. Small Business Administration. That memory would turn into a booming business for Linda, a daughter of migrant workers who left high school to help support her family at 16. She started her salsa business, Lindita’s, while married with two children.

Taking an online course in small business management can give you the skills that Linda and thousands of other small business owners use every day.

Small Business Management Courses Online
When choosing between online training courses, look for programs that best fit your skills and goals. Most distance learning courses in small business management should teach essential business skills, including:

  • Cash flow management
  • Tax and insurance information
  • Advertising and marketing
  • Creating a growth plan

Running a small business from home is different in many ways than working for an established business. If you’re interested in working primarily from home, investing in a small business management course online may be your best first step.

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What Can You Do With A Marketing Degree?

Considering an online degree program in marketing? Here are a few reasons why an online degree in marketing could be just the beginning of a long and successful career, complete with the potential for career advancement and high earnings that will reward you for your hard work.

What is a Career in Marketing About?
Let’s look at the facts. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics calls the competition for marketing jobs “keen.” It also states that “college graduates with related experience, a high level of creativity, strong communication skills, and computer skills” should have the best job opportunities in the future.

But that’s not all–“high earnings” is another phrase the government uses in relation to a career in marketing. Once you earn your online degree and gain some experience in the workforce, you will have the potential to earn more than in other professions. The average annual salary for marketing managers was $87,640 in 2004. Not bad for a managing position. And what about others?

Examples of Careers After Marketing Degree Programs
The following are a few examples of titles that made headlines recently, all held by people who hold a bachelor’s degree in marketing:

  • Solutions and Products Director for the Asia Pacific region of Hitachi
  • Vice President and Retirement Plan Sales Manager for NBT Bank
  • National Director of Business Development for Fathom Online

By earning a marketing degree through an online degree program, you could be headed for the same future. Balancing a job while you earn a degree prepares you for the challenging hours and rigorous schedules a marketing manager has to keep. Online study can be great preparation for an Internet-based and independent career in marketing. Gain the right skills the right way through an online degree program.

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Online Marketing Degrees

Eat more! Not exactly what you’d expect to hear from U.S. Dietary Association officials, tireless crusaders against America’s obesity problem. Then again, they’re referring to produce. To get the word out, the USDA has enlisted an army of marketing professionals to create a new “brand identity” for fruits and veggies.

Healthy Marketing
The hugely successful “5 a Day for Better Health” campaign, launched in 1988 by a team of California public health officials, has inspired the USDA to develop their own marketing brand promoting fruits and vegetables. The USDA’s new dietary plan calls for up to 13 small servings per day, depending on the individual.

Competing for “Stomach Share”
Public health officials called on a professional branding firm to get their new campaign off the ground. It was a marketing challenge like no other: the USDA was essentially competing for “stomach share” against the likes of soda, sugar cereals, and fried foods. But unlike Coke, their product comes in countless shapes and sizes, fresh, frozen, and canned. After months of market research, marketing consultants at Sterling Brands came up with a simple slogan: “Fruits & Veggies–More Matters.”

Mass communication is one of the most effective marketing strategies today. The USDA’s brand campaign is just one example of how marketing professionals can harness that power to make a positive impact.

Public Health and Online Marketing Degrees
If you would like to send out a positive message, start your career with an online degree in marketing. University degrees are available at the bachelor’s and master’s levels, and include instruction in:

  • identifying customer needs
  • product strategy
  • brand management
  • pricing

More and more professionals are finding university degrees in marketing necessary to compete in the information economy. Thanks to online education, degrees in marketing are more accessible than ever.

Online Business Schools May Help Provide Advancement Opportunities

If you’re working in business, you’re probably aware that more and more positions are requiring at least a four-year degree–but don’t worry. Thanks to advances in career education, you can take business courses online, and enjoy the flexible scheduling and affordable tuition offered by accredited online business schools. If your courses are related to your present job, you may even be eligible for tuition reimbursement through your employer. Check with your human resources department to determine eligibility.

Choosing an Online Business School
It’s a good idea to explore several online schools to find courses that match your professional goals. Whether you want to earn a formal business degree or just take a few professional development courses, you can find plenty of options for online business schools and degree programs. Here are some tips for choosing an online business program:

  • Verify that the school and its programs are properly accredited. The U.S. Department of Education website provides information about accreditation and accrediting agencies.
  • Contact the school’s admissions counselor to determine if any previously completed college courses can be credited toward your online business program. This can save you time and money.
  • Ask for an estimate of actual tuition, fees and course materials. Remember, tuition is only part of your education expenses. Although your employer may pay some or all of your business school tuition, you’ll have to pay for books and other required course materials.
  • Determine if the online school program has residency requirements. Your business program may require visits to your online school’s physical site for taking exams or participation in course activities. This can result in additional expenses and planning.
  • If you have questions, ask. There are many online business schools to choose from, and it’s important to find one that works well for you.

Earning a degree from an online business school is a great way to advance professionally, while gaining the personal satisfaction of earning a college degree.

Two Surprising Benefits Of Online MBA Programs

Earning an MBA has always been a smart career move. Here are two more reasons why earning an online MBA can help not only advance your career, but move it in the direction you’re most interested in.

There is a reason why the online MBA is one of the most popular graduate online degrees. An MBA can help you qualify for a higher salary both immediately after graduation and throughout your career, and it can open doors that might otherwise have been closed. Over 60% of respondents in a recent Los Angeles poll stated that having an MBA was helpful to a career in business.

There are a few more reasons why an online MBA program serves students well, too.

MBA Specializations
There are almost as many MBA specializations available through online degree programs as there are industries to use them in. Check out some of the concentrations you can choose in an online MBA program:

  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Management Information Systems
  • Human Resources
  • International Business

International Careers
Do you have dreams of traveling for your career? A career in business can be great for the world traveler. Every industry has occupations that require travel, from finance to entertainment to healthcare. And by choosing an online MBA with an emphasis in international business, you can prepare yourself for an international career.

Some online MBA programs even partner with schools abroad, giving online students the chance to interact with business students in other countries. Business school is often where networks form–connections which may be valuable later in your career.

Online Education Provides Multiple Career Paths In Marketing

As students turn to the Internet for their education, many choose online business and marketing degree programs. The flexibility of online education, as well as the versatility of this degree, makes the choice a smart one. And with more and more universities offering online programs, marketing students have even more options available to them.

Online Universities Expanding
The online educational community is growing. More and more students are getting their degrees from an online university, enjoying the independence and flexibility it affords them.

More and more universities are offering online degrees, too. The Sloan Consortium stated recently that two-thirds of all on-campus universities are also online universities, offering online degree programs in addition to their traditional classes.

Career Foundations
For business students, online degrees are one path to good jobs and fulfilling careers. An online degree program in business or marketing is a great way to gain an internship or entry-level job that serves as the foundation of a marketing career.

Online Degree Programs in Marketing
What are online degree programs in marketing like? The marketing program at one online university teaches the following concepts to online degree students:

  • Building brand identity
  • Developing brand loyalty
  • Advertising
  • Sales promotion
  • Public relations

One of the graduates from this online degree program, Danielle Swetz, now works as a marketing manager in Baltimore.

Another graduate, Kevin Schreiber, is the marketing director for the city of York, Pennsylvania. A marketing degree can serve graduates in many ways throughout their careers, whether it takes them into business, e-business, public relations, or even city government.

Off To Market: Online Degrees In Sales & Marketing

For flexibility both during and after a degree program, online education offers you the potential to qualify for more jobs and earn higher salaries than the uneducated competition.

As a Boston business writer wrote for an employment publication in December 2006, in order for candidates to be considered for jobs, and employees for promotions, “You may need to enroll for schooling on your own. Bolster[ing] your qualifications” is one of the best way to earn a job or a promotion. Online education is a convenient, affordable way to gain this competitive edge while still working a part- or full-time job.

Online degree programs are designed to adapt to your schedule. Working moms earn online degrees. Older students with little or no college education earn online degrees. Online education is flexible, which is part of why it has become so popular.

Work Where You Want
An online degree in marketing has particularly broad appeal in the marketplace. Consider the different industries you could work in with an online marketing degree:

  • Advertising
  • Journalism
  • Television and Radio
  • Big Business
  • Technology
  • Healthcare

And these just scrape the surface. An online degree in marketing builds students’ skills in business, economics, teamwork, and developing lasting relationships between organizations and customers.

Growth Potential After an online degree program and some work experience in marketing, you have the potential to earn a salary well above the national average. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual income for marketing managers was $87,640 in 2004.

Education has been shown to be the best way to start or grow a career. These higher salaries could start with an online degree program.

A Popular Path To A Popular Degree: Online Bachelor’s In Accounting

Bachelor’s degrees in accounting are becoming the credential of choice for ambitious professionals who want a foot in the door of this thriving industry. Changing financial legislation has created rapid job growth in accounting, and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the trend will continue.

Growing Need
An accounting degree gives students more options than simply doing taxes. All businesses, big and small, need accountants to manage their books. And with the passage of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act in 2002, which reforms the way companies manage their money, accountants are in higher demand than ever. Maybe that’s why the number of people who earned accounting degrees in 2003 increased by 11%.

The Online Degree Option
With more students turning towards accounting as a career path, many are choosing online degree programs for more flexible class schedules. Some students have even found online degrees more engaging than on-campus degree programs. Their classes can be made more exciting through live webcam discussions and real-time simulations of case studies.

Online degree programs offer working adults an easier way to get their education. Most students involved in online learning are between the ages of 24 and 50, and hold a full or part-time job. For adults looking to change careers, an online degree program can be the answer to managing a job, a family, and other obligations.

Degree Programs in Accounting
In an online degree program in accounting, you will gain the same skills as you do with an on-campus degree program. Some online degree programs even offer career-specific educational paths:

  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
  • Certified Internal Auditor (CIA)
  • Certified Managerial Accountant (CMA)

There are associate’s and bachelor’s degree programs available from a number of online universities. Graduates from online degree programs in accounting can look forward to above-average career prospects–not a bad way to start.

The Internet Takes Over: Small Business Degrees And Your Education

As small business becomes increasingly dependant on online business, it seems only natural that an online degree in small business management be done through the internet as well. An online degree in small business management can not only open up a world of freedom in the business world, but in your education as well.

Modern Business

It seems anymore that opening a small business relies heavily upon the internet.Doing business online reduces the cost of owning and operating a storefront becauseowners can operate a business from their own home. More importantly, the internetalso opens up your business to the entire world; your customers include virtuallyeveryone on the planet with access to a computer. Online businesses are partof a new wave of world-market goods and services that connect the entire world.

An Online Degree for Online Business

Because this new wave of business makes such complete use of the internet, itseems entirely appropriate your distance education would be conducted throughthe same medium. If you have ever considered opening a business in the future,you should consider getting an online degree in small business management. This distance education will give you the knowledge you need to run a business, whichwould include courses in accounting, management, communications, ethics, humanresource management, and finance.

Getting Your Online Degree

Online degrees are becoming widespread for a reason. Students are able to takeclasses at their own pace, allowing you to finish a degree as quickly as youwant. This freedom leaves your schedule open for other aspects of your life,such as family or an ongoing career. An online degree in small business managementtakes two to four years on average, depending on the level of education you arelooking for.

Fighting Crime With Your Calculator

A job in accounting doesn’t have to be dull– and fighting crime doesn’t mean you have to carry a gun. The Federal Bureau of Investigation was created by lawyers and accountants who had to employ creative crime-fighting solutions in the days where the federal government had limited resources.

As crime has evolved over the past century, the FBI has continued to draw on its roots in law and accounting to fight crime. The prevalence of white-collar crime and corporate fraud fuels the need for agents with an accounting background.

Getting a Job with the FBI
The FBI has five entry programs:

  • Accounting
  • Computer Science/Information Technology
  • Linguistics
  • Law
  • Diversified Experience

Getting your online degree in accounting, auditing, or forensic accounting can help meet the application requirements. You must have a four-year degree from an accredited school in order to get a job with the FBI. You will also need three years of professional experience to qualify.

Online Education Benefits
An online degree program is one way for you to get started pursuing a career you’re interested in. With an education online, you can save time by not having to commute to school. You can work from home and earn your degree with minimal disruption to your daily life. Most online degree programs offer flexible scheduling options that make it easier than ever to get your degree. The credibility of an online education has grown a great deal in recent years–even Ivy League schools are offering online classes now.

Don’t Hesitate
Forensic accounting employs an investigative approach to accounting, and the results are used to support a case in court. It is highly detailed, methodical work. If you enjoy working with numbers but also like the idea of playing detective, this could be an ideal job for you. Start looking into online degree programs and make the first move towards an exciting career with the FBI.

Federal Bureau of Investigation
National Association of Forensic Accountants