Online Network Operations Degree

An online degree in network operations will give you the same technical education as a traditional, on-campus program, and it will prepare you to both create and manage any kind of computer network.


Network operations are the special functions used for connecting computers and external devices into a local-area network (LAN). Network operations include the implementation of operating systems in both the hardware and software used to enhance basic operating functions. Network features such as file and print sharing, account administration for users, and security are part of network operations. Network operations are designed for communication within a particular network only, such as a company or in-house network, as opposed to a larger, all-access database such as the Internet.

A Degree in Network Operations

Degrees in network operations are available at technical schools, community colleges, and universities across the country. Many of these schools also allow you the opportunity to earn your degree in network operations online. An online degree involves attending class and completing assignments online, and the degree is ideal if you are unable to commit to an on-campus program.

A degree in network operations covers the inner workings of network operating systems, the major components of a local area network, and how they interact with each other. Courses may include training in the introduction of networks and basic network structure, operating system fundamentals, data transmissions, networking protocols, network architecture, security, and network configuration and connectivity. You will learn the function and configuration of the major components of network operating systems as well as common terminology and standards associated with network operations. Earning a degree in network operations, whether on-campus, or online will also allow you to practice your course skills in the application of network operations.

Career Opportunities

Through your degree program in network operations you will develop the competency required in the IT field to both create and manage any network that may be required by a client. You will be able to manage the day-to-day operations of networks and to make sure that the systems are running effectively.