Online Computer Science Degree

An online computer science program will offer you a well-rounded education in the many facets of computer science, including network administration, computer programming, data-base administration, operating systems, and software development.

An Online Degree in Computer Science

Many institutions, including several accredited universities, offer the opportunity to earn an online degree in computer science from the comfort of your own home or office. These online degree programs may be ideal if you are working, or have other commitments in your life that may keep you from being able to attend traditional, on-campus classes, or if you just prefer to have the flexibility to work when and where you want. Online computer science degrees are designed to meet the needs of a variety of students, and to provide a college quality education for those who are seeking an alternative to traditional, on-campus study. Most online computer science degree programs will include detailed course information, module content, study packs, interactive exercises and tests, and access to on-line books, journals and other resources that are typically found on university campuses.

Computer Science Knowledge

An online computer science degree typically combines both theoretical and practical approaches to study to give you a solid, well-rounded understanding of computer science. An online computer science degree will provide you with skills in network administration, Internet communications, database administration, operating systems software, and software development, as well as fundamental computer science basics and knowledge. You will learn the major current programming languages such as C++, Unix, and Java, as well as an understanding of the principles of other computer languages.

The main objective of an online computer science degree programs is to provide you with the opportunity to develop and demonstrate knowledge and skills relevant to designing and developing programming solutions to computer problems, and understanding the complexity of computer systems and how they operate.

A Career in Computer Science

Online Computer Science degree programs are designed around texts and interactive learning technologies that will help you to create your learning environment from wherever you are. You will complete your online degree ready to begin in, or advance in a career in areas such as computing in industry and commerce, or research in computer science or other related disciplines. With an online computer science degree you will also be prepared to go on to additional training or graduate study in computer science should you choose to, where career and study opportunities will continue to be expanded.