Getting an IT Job: It's All About Networking

Computer networking is one of the foremost technologies of our time. As the industry that focuses on how computers are connected, it can drive the success or the failure of any business. Major corporations rely on computer networking to deliver data and information to millions of people around the globe.

This job market is huge. Communications giant AT&T just secured a contract with Goodrich Corporation, for instance, to provide over $4 million in network services based on this cutting-edge technology.

Online Degrees in Computer Networking
An online degree in computer networking can prepare you for a challenging, global career, using online courses to build your skills in a relevant and high-demand industry that shows no signs of slowing down.

In an online program, you'll learn the basics of information technology, computer networking, Internet services, and wireless communication. Some degree programs are offered one course at a time, and others move at an accelerated pace. Most online degree programs offer courses according to a variety of schedules, which allows students with families and jobs the flexibility they need to earn their degrees.

IT Job Opportunities
An online computer networking degree can help qualify you for a job as a systems administrator or network specialist at a business or corporation. Online courses in network security can help make you a future database administrator or network security specialist. Having a variety of job options to choose from is one of the key benefits of an online degree program.

You should also think about qualifying for future salaries that are well above the national average. The average annual salary of network and computer systems administrators is $58,190. An online degree can help get you there.

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Success Stories
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