Microsoft Takes Time To Keep Windows Consistent With Past

Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows Vista, is late. While this may come as bad news to computer makers, the reasons behind the delay are good for those who already have invested in Microsoft training.

Computer programming commentators are burning up the blogs and news shows. Microsoft’s hotly anticipated new Windows version, the first Windows release in five years, has been delayed yet again.

Microsoft Jobs Scare Averted

According to the New York Times, the reasons for the tardiness may be good news for those who already have Microsoft jobs and received Microsoft training.

According to insiders, the delay is because Microsoft, unlike Apple, insists on making its signature operating system compatible with all its previous versions. And this proves to be increasingly complicated for Microsoft programmers as times go on.

Microsoft Training Saved By Compatibility

Apple doesn’t worry about compatibility. If you use Apple OS X and try to operate an application that predates it, your Apple computer just fires up OS 9 to run parallel to OS X.

This is not allowed with Microsoft. Consequently, it becomes more and more difficult for Microsoft programmers to update Windows. But it also means that any new Windows system will never stray far from what Microsoft training recipients know already. Windows is always limited by what came before.

Microsoft Hampered By Compatibility?

“Microsoft feels it can’t get away with breaking compatibility,” said Mendel Rosenblum, a Stanford University computer scientist in the New York Times. “All of their applications must continue to run, and from an architectural point of view that’s a very painful thing.”

Microsoft training has become a worldwide standard for office work. Microsoft offers many levels of certification to prove expertise in using and programming its products.

Consequences for Microsoft Jobs

People with Microsoft jobs has been hugely anticipating the release of Windows Vista as Windows is the bedrock of whatever form of computer work they do.

For a while, when Vista was still known as the Longhorn project, it looked like the new version would be a radical turn from Windows of old. But Microsoft changed their direction, delaying the release date of the new Windows, but giving many with Microsoft training a big dose of relief.

The new Windows won’t be the radical break they feared.