E-Commerce Developers Eye Security Concerns

A recent rash of data and security leaks has decreased the confidence that e-commerce shoppers had when purchasing online. To keep their customers, e-commerce developers are hoping new Congressional initiatives will tighten up security and increase the profits of their clients.

A recent study from a leading Internet watchdog group suggests that nearly half of all Americans are worried that shopping online will compromise their private information. Add to that the evolving threat of spyware, SPAM, and phishing scams, and the bottom lines of e-commerce web sites are taking a hit. The risk has become so great that Congress has formed various committees to consider the current security measures in place and offer suggestions for improving safety.

The Security Concerns of E-commerce

  • Glaring Example. When ChoicePoint and CitiGroup admitted that the private information of several hundred thousand e-commerce customers had been stolen, there were calls on Capitol Hill for Congressional intervention.
  • Business versus Consumers. E-commerce developers are concerned that the government is looking to protect the interests of businesses at the expense of consumer privacy.
  • The Trickle-Down Effect. E-commerce developers are also worried that decrease in Internet revenue may have a greater impact on the nation’s economy as a whole.

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