Online Computer Networking Degree

With e-commerce, international trade and wireless networking transforming the way the world communicates, an online degree in computer networking is a worthwhile investment. With this kind of credential, your future could hold more career opportunities and higher salaries.

Studying Networking Online
Online classes in computer networking focus on creating, installing, and maintaining network systems for large and small businesses. Students in online degree programs also learn software, hardware, wiring, and technical problem solving. Online classes prepare students for careers as network technicians, support specialists, administrators, managers, architects, and more.

Online Options
You can choose from a variety of degree programs from accredited online colleges and universities, including:

  • Computer Networking Technician
  • Computer Network Engineering
  • Bachelor’s in Information Technology (BIT) in Network Administration

And that’s just the beginning. No matter what your interest in information technology, there is probably a degree to match it (and if not, there will be soon).

A Career in Network Administration
Whether your online degree program leads to a Fortune 500 company or an exciting new start-up, online classes pay off. Education is not just recommended for a career in the computer industry; it’s required. Often, multiple degrees and/or certifications are called for.

One of the benefits of online education in computer networking is the higher salaries that the computer industry offers. The average salary of a network administrator was $58,190 two years ago. Positions in management pay even more. And what’s more, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that job growth will be rapid for computer networking professionals in the next 8 years.