A+ Computer Certification: A Credential Still Holding Its Value

Despite the magnificent changes that technology has wrought on the desktop or laptop computer, one thing remains the same. Professionals with A+ computer certification are still the recognized “go-to” contacts for font-line technical support. The A+ computer certification holds its value even today.

The impact of an A+ certification is recognized the world over. According to Office World News, “the A+ exam is available worldwide in French, German, Portuguese, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese and Japanese.” This remarkable accomplishment by the Computer Technology Industry Association emphasizes the skills and reputation that computer certification can bring. From massive help desk divisions to local mom-and-pop computer services, A+ certification is arguably the more preferred credential of the lot. Here are some of the skills you will develop in A+ computer certification through a distance learning environment.

A+ Certification: Challenging Concepts

  • Hardware. One of the tenants of computer certification is how to analyze and repair hardware components such as disc drives and monitors.
  • Software. Another critical aspect of A+ certification will prepare you to install, manage, and even create a variety of software programs.
  • Networking. Throughout your distance learning program, you will have the opportunity to manage and troubleshoot main frame networks.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, professionals with specialized computer training will enjoy substantial employment growth through 2014. And getting your A+ computer certification through a distance learning program holds a variety of unique benefits.

Distance Learning Program Benefits

  • Flexible Schedule. Distance learning means that you set your own schedule that will maximize your time and efforts.
  • No Campus Commute. You can enjoy classes from the comfort of your own room by choosing the distance learning experience.
  • Network of Support. Your distance learning program will provide you with a rich network of support, such as professors, counselors, and cohorts.

If you want a career with staying power, consider earning you’re A+ computer certification through a distance learning program right now.