Online Travel And Tourism Degrees: Making Dreams Come True

The jungles of Borneo. The ruins of the Maya. The shores of Belize. When you earn a travel and tourism degree online, you could be taking your clients to these exotic locales and more. Plus, most tourism jobs allow you to travel free or at a significantly discounted rate, as well. It’s the best of both worlds!

According to the 2006 Travel Industry Association forecast, Americans will spend almost $653 billion in travel, both domestically and internationally. And tourism industry jobs will explode to meet this incredible demand. Now, it’s true that the Internet has become a major player in booking trips. But the Internet can’t offer the personal touch of a professional with an online travel and tourism degree.

If you enjoy traveling and would be interested in helping others get the most out of their trips, then this career might just be a perfect fit. Here’s what the American Association of Travel Agents has to say about the role of the travel agent.

Benefits of a Tourism Job

  • Professional Development. A tourism job requires you to investigate and analyze products and promotions, make recommendations on trip options and procedures, and stay current on changing trends in the industry.
  • Personal Satisfaction. There’s nothing quite like a client coming back to you after an excursion to let you know how much they enjoyed their trip and how much they appreciate your knowledge and direction.
  • Those Extra Perks. Build a large client base, sell some big-money trips, and you could enjoy your own yearly vacations on the company dime.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports a bright future for graduates with online travel and tourism degrees.

The Travel and Tourism Degree

  • Entry Qualifications. Although a high school diploma will get you in the door, hiring preference is usually given to those applicants with a degree in the field.
  • Earnings Potential. In 2004, the median annual earnings for professionals with tourism jobs were over $27,000.
  • Online Advantage. An online degree in travel and tourism can be earned with a few short semesters of coursework.

Catch the wave of personal and professional satisfaction that comes with a tourism job.