New Mad Cow Case Raises Profile Of Public Health Professionals

Although the initial fears of mad cow disease have been downgraded in the past few months, the discovery of a new case always raises public health concerns. Russia has reported a new case of mad cow and is taking measures to keep it from spreading to other countries.

Mad cow disease, the common name for bovine spongiform encephalopathy, is making the headlines again following a confirmed new case on a farm in Kaliningrad, Russia. This confirmation adds to diagnoses in France and comes just as several Asian countries are lifting their import bans on American beef thanks to a scare three years ago. Canadian farmers suffered a brutal hit from an outbreak in January.

Mad cow disease, sometimes transmitted to humans through contaminated beef, can cause a serious nerve illness that often leads to death.

Mad Cow Disease Threatens Public Health

  • Cases Expected. Public health officials have said that while the new case is disappointing, it is certainly not unexpected.
  • Worldwide Ban. Most countries banned Canadian meat from their supermarket shelves for two years following public health warnings.
  • The Casualties. Over 150 people have died as a result of eating tainted meat, with most cases occurring in the United Kingdom.

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