Cruise’s Sonogram Machine No Replacement For Public Health Nursing

From the files of the extreme overkill of the grossly rich, Tom Cruise recently bought a sonogram for his wife, Katie Holmes. But public health nursing experts have maintained that the living room is no place for the sonogram. Public health nurses still know the best baby treatments.

Tom Cruise revealed on the Barbara Walters show that he purchased a sonogram so that he and wife Katie Holmes could watch the development of their baby. But doctors and public health nurses are hoping that Cruise decides against self-monitoring the baby as there can be side effects of sonograms if they are not administered properly. For years, pregnant women have relied on the expertise of public health nursing to assist in embryo development.  
Cruise Snubs Public Health Nursing

  • Getting Help. Cruise has reported that medical technicians are helping the couple with the procedure and that they will follow all public health nursing guidelines for proper use of their new family sonogram.
  • A Storied Past. Sonograms have been used in conjunction with pregnancies in public health nursing facilities since the 1970s.
  • Big Donation. Cruise has stated he will donate the sonogram to a public health nursing facility at the conclusion of Holmes’ pregnancy.

Despite the way Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are going about their pregnancy, the truth is that public health nurses play a key role in ensuring a safe and healthy pregnancy. If you are looking for a socially conscious career that will allow you to help your community, you need to consider a position in the public health nursing field. Here are all the details on this exciting career.

Public Health Nursing

  • Program Length. A public health nursing degree is typically a four-year program in a local medical college or university.
  • Career Outlook. There will be an increase in the demand for qualified public health nurses to handle a population in declining health.
  • Expected Salary. Once you begin your public health nursing career, you can earn anywhere from $40,000 to $75,000 per year.

It certainly will be interesting to see if Tom’s idea for proactive parenthood catches on or if the job will remain with public health nursing.