Master Your Nursing Career With Online RN-to-MSN Programs

Online education programs can provide registered nurses (RNs) with a wide variety of career choices. Your MSN (Master of Science in Nursing) can lead to positions as a nurse practitioner in specialized areas of practice, or you can explore business and management areas with an MSN concentration in healthcare management.

Online Degree Programs Provide Flexible Scheduling

As a busy healthcare professional, you’re used to long hours and changing work schedules. Online degree programs are designed to accommodate the needs of working adults; with a distance learning degree, you study where and when you can. Degree options for RNs include RN-to-BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) and RN-to-MSN. Some schools also offer programs that enable you to earn credit toward your MSN while completing your BSN degree.

Earning an online MSN degree can qualify you as a nurse practitioner in specialties including mental health, women’s health, and acute care. If you’re looking for management opportunities, you can specialize in healthcare administration. Hospitals, managed care organizations, and insurance companies often seek candidates with combined clinical experience and education credentials.

It’s also possible to offer consultation services in your area of specialization. Your online RN-to-MSN degree can lead to many opportunities in nursing and healthcare administration. Your nursing experience, along with your MSN degree, can lead to a wide variety of potential careers.

Shopping for an Online Nursing Degree

It’s a good idea to compare several online degree programs before choosing one that works best for you. Make sure the school is properly accredited and ask for references from former students. You may also want to schedule a conference with an academic advisor to determine which courses and concentrations best suit your professional and educational plans.

If you have questions about online education, your school’s information technology department can help you get started. Online degree programs provide health professionals with quality education suited to their schedules and professional goals.