University Teaching: Retreating Into The Comforts Of Higher Education

One of the most attractive aspects of the field of education is the opportunity to teach students from all walks of life. If the thought of teaching elementary or high school students is not appealing to you, consider teaching at the university level.

There’s little doubt that traditional teaching roles in elementary and high schools require a great deal of patience and determination. Apathetic students, demanding parents, and a crushing load of papers to grade are enough to send many teachers to other professions. But if you believe that education is your true calling, there are other options.

Teaching at a college or university holds a variety of special benefits. You will be instructing students who really want to be there. They are looking for a solid start to their careers or professional development, so their enthusiasm for their studies is much more pronounced than in secondary school. This makes your job of educating them much easier.

The Advantages of University Teaching

  • Job Security. Once you have earned tenure, you can rest assured that your position at the university will be guaranteed throughout your career.
  • Qualifications. While a PhD is preferred, many university positions accept applicants with a master’s degree and some post-graduate research under their belts.
  • Quality of Life. College teachers enjoy shorter work hours and the freedom to create their own teaching strategies.

In order to land one of these jobs, a solid teaching education is a must. Shoot for a master’s or doctoral degree, as these are the preferred credentials for the position.

Teaching Education: Preparing Yourself for the Job

  • Personal Experience. Choosing a subject area that you are most passionate about will help you reach your goals of an advanced degree.
  • Professional Experience. Become a teaching assistant during your own studies, and you will have the opportunity to refine your skills.
  • Someone Else’s Experience. Find professors that will allow you to study with them and learn from their experiences and advice.

University teaching is the perfect path for education professionals who want to teach adult learners. Inspiring college students to achievement is a great way to spend your career.