A Flexible Degree Program For A Flexible Job: Teaching Assistant

For adults who have families and jobs but want further education, online degree programs make good sense. For people who love working with children, teacher assisting can meet the time constraints of real life and offer a rewarding career too.

Teacher assisting is a great career path for adults who enjoy working with children but may not have time for a 40-hour workweek. Teaching assistants support full-time teachers in the classroom with lessons, one-on-one help, and other class activities.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported in 2004 that teaching assistants with experience in special education or foreign languages will have the best job opportunities. But even if your experience isn’t specialized, you can still qualify for great opportunities with a little education of your own. The BLS reported that most teaching assistants’ educational levels ranged from high school to some college.

Online Education in Teacher Assisting
There are online teaching assistant degree and certificate programs that can be earned on a part-time basis. If you are a parent, or have a part- or full-time job (or both), online education can give you the flexibility you need to earn your degree. Most teacher assistant degrees and certificates are two-year, part-time programs.

If you like working with children and work well in a school environment, a part-time job as a teaching assistant could be a great career choice. And, if you want to pursue further education later, there are online degree programs which can help you earn your teaching credential and qualify for full-time teaching positions.

There are many options online. For a part-time path to a part-time career, online education in teacher assisting makes good sense.