What can I do with a degree in economics?

A degree in economics can help students develop mathematical, analytical, and communication skills that are highly marketable in today’s workplace. Economics majors are particularly adept in communicating their findings in written, verbal, and even visual formats, often to others who are outside their fields. Writing reports, developing charts to visually explain findings, and giving multimedia presentations are a few of the valuable skills often attained by these graduates. These abilities may help students communicate and collaborate effectively in a variety of industries and settings.

Familiarity with economic laws and principles often leads economics majors to employment in the business and finance industries. The ability to forecast financial trends and consumer spending habits is highly sought after by organizations aiming to make smart financial, marketing, and product-related decisions. Analyzing specialized markets in business allows organizations to strategize around changes in the marketplace. However, economic majors are not just confined to working in the business or finance fields. Many students find great success and fulfillment in the field of research as well.

The infographic below examines some of the possible career paths for economics majors. Please reference the visual for a full list of sources.

What Can I Do With a Degree in Economics?
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