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    • What can I do with a degree in criminal justice?

      What Can I Do With a Degree in Criminal Justice?

      Criminal Justice is an exciting field with many career possibilities. Explore some of the many opportunities that this field has to offer in this infographic.

    • To get a degree, or not to get a degree

      To Get a Degree or Not to Get a Degree

      This infographic takes a close look at the continuing importance of a college education to all Americans and the blossoming reputation of online degrees, especially among young adults.

    • The College Gender Gap

      Mind the Gap - Infographic on Gender and College Degrees

      In education, like in other areas of life, there’s a clear gender gap – but it may not be what you think. Young women actually outdo young men when it comes to earning degrees, and women also value education more highly. But there’s a flip side. Find out more about how men and women are separated by degrees.

    • College, according to keywords

      College Keywords

      Recently, we took a closer look at Google search trends and came up with some fascinating information about student priorities. What is searched more: dean's list, or beer pong? Find out in this infographic.

    • It's a Wonderful (Student) Life

      It's a wonderful student life: comparing college to the professional world

      The caps and gowns are put away and Pomp and Circumstance will hardly be heard for the next 12 months -- but what comes next for the class of 2011? First up for most: get a job. Here's a look at how they can expect their lives to change once they do.

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