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    • Can you trust college rankings?

      University building (iStockphoto)

      College rankings may get a lot of publicity, but they are just one small piece of the overall picture when you evaluate colleges. Learn what other elements to consider and find out what role rankings should play.

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    • How to Succeed at Community College

      A route through a maze (iStockphoto)

      Community college is the gateway to opportunity for some, but it can be a dead end for others. Find out how to succeed at community college experience by tapping into degree completion resources.

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    • How the IRS can help you pay your tuition

      Tax credits image (iStockphoto)

      The IRS' education tax benefits are seldom factored into the financial aid picture. But as a recent study shows, these tax credits and deductions stack up to sizable savings, particularly for middle-income families.

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    • Report: STEM majors are hot, but STEM jobs are not

      Women looking through microscope (iStockphoto)

      A new report suggests there are plenty of STEM graduates in the U.S. So why do so many companies report they have trouble filling technical or scientific positions?

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    • Groupon and other weird ways to pay for college

      Friends cooking dinner together (iStockphoto)

      Is the Groupon tuition discount worth it? Find out more about those who nabbed the deal, and learn about other creative ways to pay for college.

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    • 5 jobs that will never go away

      Environmental engineer with computer, in front of solar panels

      Wall Street be damned. These 5 recession-proof careers can keep you working, whatever the economy.

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    • Turn a two-year degree into $40k a year

      Dental hygienist (iStockphoto)

      These two-year degrees pack a punch. Associate degrees in health care, automotive repair and more can have you earning $40k with just two years of training.

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    • Degrees to dollars: The 10 highest-paying degrees

      Engineering found to be top paying degree

      It pays to pick the right major. According to a new salary survey, graduates in some majors stand to make significantly more than their classmates. Learn which degrees could lead to big paydays.

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    • Study finds grads agree: Education is a solid investment

      Looking into the college investment

      Conventional wisdom says a college degree should lead to more money and a better life. Now, a recent report from the Pew Research Center confirms those beliefs. Degree holders earn more and report greater job satisfaction than workers with only a high school diploma.

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