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    • The rise of the non-traditional student

      Non-Traditional Student

      According to a recent report, "non-traditional students" are no longer the minority. See how schools are catering to this growing demographic.

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    • 5 Midwest colleges that have embraced blended learning

      University of Illinois at Chicago

      Check out these five Midwest colleges offering blended learning programs that combine online instruction with face-to-face class time.

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    • 5 East Coast universities offering blended learning programs

      Penn State Blended Learning

      Blended learning offers a compromise between on-campus and online education. Here's five East Coast schools that have adopted this innovative format.

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    • Majoring in uncertainty: 10 popular college majors for the undeclared

      10 Popular College Majors

      Not sure what you want to study? Get some ideas with these 10 popular college majors, and learn about a few of the schools that offer them.

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    • 10 unique majors for adventurous college students

      10 unique majors for adventurous college students

      Not everybody wants to major in business or psychology. Check out these unique majors designed for individuals looking to study something outside the box.

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    • Teagle Foundation gathers college leaders to discuss the future of higher learning

      The Teagle Foundation

      The Teagle Foundation, a group dedicated to undergraduate education, recently hosted a discussion on the future of higher learning and online courses.

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    • 5 majors with growing salary potential in 2012

      Graduation cap and money

      Though engineers may make the most money, the latest salary survey found the fastest-growing paychecks are in non-technical. Learn which new college grads saw the largest gain in starting salary offers in 2012.

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    • Are you making one of these financial aid mistakes?

      Education costs

      College is one of the biggest investments you'll ever make. Before you commit to a financial aid package, make sure you understand exactly what you'll get and what you'll pay in the course of funding your education.  

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    • Look out! 5 college transfer traps

      Hand sticking out of the sand (iStockphoto)

      A college transfer doesn't need to derail your progress toward the degree. Learn how to avoid the five most common transfer pitfalls and stay on track to graduation.  

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    • DIY degrees: How to create your own college major

      Woman listening to headphones (iStockphoto)

      If you can't find a school that offers a major you're interested in, why not join the growing number of students who are designing their own? Learn what you need to know to make your own major.

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