Stanford Expands Online Innovation And Entrepreneurship Certificate Program

Those in the business world know that entrepreneurship is a skill that can be honed over time. And Stanford University’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship online certificate program was designed to help students do just that. The certificate program, which was launched in September 2012, offers students the opportunity to learn a broad range of entrepreneurship-related skills and gain powerful insights into how the innovation process takes place. Students in the program will also learn strategies for implementing their innovative ideas, all while being trained by Stanford University’s brightest professors. This certificate program is designed for entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs, engineers, leaders of innovation teams, and professionals and project teams in any field or organization.

The online professional certificate program was developed with busy students and professionals in mind. In order to complete the program, students need to complete eight of the 12 courses the school plans to offer. Options include “Marketing Innovation,” “Leading Innovation,” “Creating Demand: Driving Growth Using Traditional, Social and Viral Marketing,” “Empathize and Prototype: A Hands On Dive into the Key Tools of Design Thinking” “Scaling Excellence through Innovation,” “Building Business Models,” “The Power of Stories to Fuel Innovation,” “Financing Innovation: Valuing Projects and Firms,” “Negotiation: How to Get (More of) What You Want,” “Cultivating the Entrepreneurial Mindset,” and “Innovating Through Value Chains.” Also available is an “Innovation Master Series,” for students who want to be exposed to the highest levels of innovation education.

All courses are offered online via streaming video and can be accessed by students 24 hours a day, seven days a week. According to Campus Technology, each course is self-paced, and includes approximately four hours of videotaped lectures as well as four hours of assignments. Courses are available for 90 days after the date of enrollment and cost $995 per student.

Taught by well-known Stanford professors and faculty, the Innovation and Entrepreneurship professional certificate program aims to help students adopt an entrepreneurial mindset as they develop innovative products and services. The certificate program marks the first partnership between the Stanford School of Engineering and the Stanford Graduate School of Business. The project is headed by Academic Directors Professor Robert Sutton from the Management Science and Engineering department and Professor Hayagreeva Rao from the Graduate School of Business. All courses within the program are being offered online only and additional courses are expected to debut throughout 2014.

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