Hot Job Report

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    • Construction managers make a career comeback

      Construction manager

      Think construction isn’t a hot field? Think again. Construction management is a growing profession with excellent income potential.

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    • Accountants: Tax season's hottest job

      Financial advisor and clients (iStockphoto)

      With April 15th looming, accountants are often called in to scour documents for deductions and prepare tax returns. However, there is more to this career than just the tax season. Learn how accountants keep busy all year long.

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    • Keep love alive as a marriage counselor

      Couple with counselor (iStockphoto)

      Even true love sometimes needs a little help. Marriage counselors help keep the flame burning long after the honeymoon is over.

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    • For 2012, get in shape and get a new career in fitness

      Trainer helping senior citizen do push-ups (iStockphoto)

      It’s a new twist on an old resolution. Don’t just try to lose weight; find a job where getting into shape is virtually required. Fitness workers are in demand, and the field offers diverse employment opportunities.

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    • Video game developers can see their work on the holiday hot list

      Young man playing video game (iStockphoto)

      Looking foward to receiving the hottest video game this holiday season? Learn more about video game development and how a degree can take you from the couch to the design team.

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    • Trucking industry in high gear for holidays

      Truck on picturesque highway (iStockphoto)

      Every holiday season, the trucking industry goes into overdrive to get gifts on shelves. Learn how today's training programs can have you on the road in less than three months.

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    • The real storm chasers: Emergency management specialists

      Man on phone in front of building destroyed by quake (iStockphoto)

      There are scores of men and women who stand ready to show up whenever a storm hits. They aren't chasing a great photo-op; they are the emergency management specialists who arrive to assist area residents and clean-up the mess.

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    • Growing a green career in sustainability consulting

      Businessman with green recycle folder

      These days, plenty of companies want to go green -- they just might need a little help getting there. As a sustainability consultant, you could help businesses build eco-friendly practices and strategies, and make the world a better place.

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    • Record heat, record growth for jobs in solar energy

      Hot job in August: Solar energy technician

      Renewable energy isn't just a trendy catch-phrase. It is a billion dollar industry that continues to grow annually. One of the quickest ways to enter this hot field is as a solar energy electrician or installer.

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    • The hottest job you haven't heard of: Data scientist

      Data scientists and competitve analysis are on the rise

      The amount of available data companies can use to cut costs and improve efficiency has grown exponentially in the past decade, creating growing demand for the hot job of data mining scientist. Find out more about training to enter this challenging, but exciting field.

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