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    • Men and women agree: Actuaries have one hot job

      Female actuary

      Actuarial work regularly ranks as one of the top careers in the nation, but you don't need a suit and tie to excel. It's also one of the best jobs for women. See why.

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    • Building tomorrow's workforce: Hot jobs in robotics


      Robots are poised to take over 80 percent of our jobs. That could be bad news, unless you're the one building them. Learn about careers in robotics.

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    • The numbers look good for statisticians


      Want to make money as a number cruncher? Thanks to big data, demand for statisticians is growing. Learn more about this hot job.

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    • Oncology nurses on the front lines of cancer care

      Oncology Nurses

      From administering chemotherapy to providing in-home care, oncology nurses are a key component to the successful treatment of cancer. Learn more about this growing profession.

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    • An inside look at careers in diagnostic medical sonography

      Diagnostic Medical Sonography

      From monitoring a baby's growth to examining heart chambers, diagnostic medical sonographers help physicians learn what's going on inside the body.

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    • Hottest job of the next decade? Industrial-organizational psychologist

      I/O Psychologist

      The latest government figures are out, and the fastest growing job in the country is one you've probably never heard of: industrial-organizational psychologist.

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    • Mobile app developer: The hot job at your fingertips

      Hot Jobs App Developer

      A dynamic work environment and big paychecks are two of the hallmarks of mobile app development, expected to be one of 2014’s hottest jobs.

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    • Holiday season means more work for human resources specialists

      Human Resources Specialist

      Seasonal hiring means more work for human resources specialists, but make no mistake, this job is in demand all year long.

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    • Biometrics: A field that's more than meets the eye


      Biometrics is about more than high-tech security or tagging your friends on Facebook. Learn about the hot career field offering practical applications across all industries.

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    • An office at 35,000 feet: Hot jobs in aviation

      Careers in Aviation

      Students searching for a hot career may want to consider an aviation degree. A potential pilot shortage means there could soon be plenty of jobs for young guns.

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