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    • University of Texas at Austin offers virtual "Learn by Doing" courses

      Learn by Doing

      The business world is always changing, and students need practical skills to prepare them for today's job market. This month, the University of Texas at Austin will begin offering hands-on experience-based learning courses for business students online.

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    • Stanford expands online Innovation and Entrepreneurship certificate program

      Innovation and Entrepreneurship Certificate Program

      Aspiring entrepreneurs can now earn an online certificate in innovation and entrepreneurship from Stanford University. The program, which launched in 2012, requires students to complete courses in topics such as marketing, negotiation and design thinking.

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    • New MOOC from the Carnegie Foundation aims to revamp math education

      Carnegie Math MOOC

      After discovering that only 30 percent of students complete their developmental math courses, the Carnegie Foundation decided it was time to change the way the subject is taught. A new four-lesson MOOC aims to help developmental math students learn how to learn.

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    • Penn State World Campus to offer online master's in renewable energy and sustainability systems

      Renewable Energy and Sustainability Systems

      As the world transitions away from fossil fuels, new degree programs will be required to educate students in green energy. Learn about Penn State's new online master's degree in renewable energy and sustainability systems.

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