A Career In Corporate Interior Design

Homes and hotels for the wealthy aren’t the only spaces in need of good interior design these days. Through an online degree program, you can learn the fundamentals of corporate interior design. Convenient online courses prepare you for a career in this growing field.

Careers in Cubicles and Conference Rooms
From a famous architecture and design blog comes the following quote: “Many of my clients are Fortune 500.”

Not only does this statement imply that the designer is doing very well, but also that his business has been made from designing office space. That’s it! From cubicles to conference room, there is more work in corporate interior design than you think.

This designer’s company is “in the business of selling high end business interior products, that’s where we make our profit dollars.” Did you know that you can start pursuing these “profit dollars” through an online degree program in interior design? A series of online courses all it takes to get started.

Getting There With a Degree
So how do you get there? A four-year degree will work. Interior design certification always helps. An online degree is another way to start your interior design career. For the student who loves online courses and independent study, it’s more convenient, affordable, and efficient than a traditional degree program.

An online degree program in interior design will give you a foundation in the basics (as well as some great specialties along the way). Here are some examples of courses found in an online interior design program:

  • Computer-aided Drafting (CAD) and Design
  • Space Planning
  • History of Design and Architecture
  • Hospitality Design
  • Corporate Design

Research your online degree options in interior design today. Those “profit dollars” in corporate design are more accessible than you think.