Best Big Cities for New Grads 2018

From Houston to Phoenix, Baltimore to Minneapolis, check our top rankings to find out which big cities offer grads the best opportunities after college.


Best Midsize Cities for New Grads 2018

Which midsize cities offer the best career opportunities and lifestyles for college graduates? Check out our top 15 ranking.


Best Small Cities for New Grads 2018

If you're gearing up to graduate college, it's a smart move to search for a city that's affordable and has  good job prospects. Check out our ranking of best small cities for new grads across the nation.


Best Online Degrees for 2018

We gathered data on 118 degree programs and ran an analysis to figure out which online majors could do the most for your career in 2018. Check out the results and find out how the top 25 online degrees prepare you to get ahead.


5 Future-Proof Job Skills

Robots and intelligent computers are expected to take over millions of jobs in the next five years. What job skills should you get today to stay relevant in the future?


Most Employable Health Care Degrees 2016

Looking for a degree that offers great employment potential? Check out the top 20 health care degrees of 2016.


Most Employable Business Degrees 2016

We ranked the top 20 business degrees of 2016 based on their potential return on investment. See which majors made the list.


7 versatile degrees for students who want career flexibility

Having trouble choosing a major? Here are seven degrees that offer a variety of career paths for undeclared students.


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    • Growing a green career in sustainability consulting

      Businessman with green recycle folder

      These days, plenty of companies want to go green -- they just might need a little help getting there. As a sustainability consultant, you could help businesses build eco-friendly practices and strategies, and make the world a better place.

    • The College Gender Gap

      Mind the Gap - Infographic on Gender and College Degrees

      In education, like in other areas of life, there’s a clear gender gap – but it may not be what you think. Young women actually outdo young men when it comes to earning degrees, and women also value education more highly. But there’s a flip side. Find out more about how men and women are separated by degrees.

    • Degrees to dollars: The 10 highest-paying degrees

      Engineering found to be top paying degree

      It pays to pick the right major. According to a new salary survey, graduates in some majors stand to make significantly more than their classmates. Learn which degrees could lead to big paydays.

    • Record heat, record growth for jobs in solar energy

      Hot job in August: Solar energy technician

      Renewable energy isn't just a trendy catch-phrase. It is a billion dollar industry that continues to grow annually. One of the quickest ways to enter this hot field is as a solar energy electrician or installer.

    • College, according to keywords

      College Keywords

      Recently, we took a closer look at Google search trends and came up with some fascinating information about student priorities. What is searched more: dean's list, or beer pong? Find out in this infographic.

    • More traditional colleges offer online degrees

      Schools like UCLA now offer online degree programs

      Some big names are getting into the business of offering online degree programs. Now that heavy-hitters such as UCLA and USC are expanding their virtual learning options, will the face of online degrees change?

    • The hottest job you haven't heard of: Data scientist

      Data scientists and competitve analysis are on the rise

      The amount of available data companies can use to cut costs and improve efficiency has grown exponentially in the past decade, creating growing demand for the hot job of data mining scientist. Find out more about training to enter this challenging, but exciting field.

    • It's a Wonderful (Student) Life

      It's a wonderful student life: comparing college to the professional world

      The caps and gowns are put away and Pomp and Circumstance will hardly be heard for the next 12 months -- but what comes next for the class of 2011? First up for most: get a job. Here's a look at how they can expect their lives to change once they do.

    • Study finds grads agree: Education is a solid investment

      Looking into the college investment

      Conventional wisdom says a college degree should lead to more money and a better life. Now, a recent report from the Pew Research Center confirms those beliefs. Degree holders earn more and report greater job satisfaction than workers with only a high school diploma.

    • Cybercrimes spur demand for ethical hackers

      Cybercrime and demand for ethical hackers

      High-profile hacks and other cybercrimes are among 2011's big stories. Learn more about the penetration testers who defend against these crimes, and find out what it takes to join the front lines in the battle to secure computer networks.

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