The Behavioral Science Degree: Preferred By FBI Agents Nationwide

Fighting the bad guys just got a little more cutting-edge with the introduction of the behavioral science degree. If you love the psychology of the human mind and the innate struggle between good and evil, earn an online degree in behavioral science and take your spot with the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The future of crime-fighting is here today with the behavioral science degree. Behavioral science is a contemporary niche of the psychology field that is concerned with the motivations of a criminal. The FBI has developed their behavioral science department into one of the premiere models of this new investigative methodology. The FBI stocks their team with “experienced instructors and veteran police officers with advanced degrees in the behavioral science disciplines of psychology, criminology, and sociology.” The result on crime statistics is nothing short of impressive.

Online Degree in Behavioral Science: Program Components

  • Career Preparation. An online degree in behavioral science readies you for positions in clinical, social, educational, and law enforcement environments.
  • Program Basis. The behavioral science degree is a unique combination of theory and application that is the perfect training ground for your future.
  • Basic Classes. Get ready for an online degree in behavioral science by taking classes in psychology, sociology, mathematics, and natural science.

The recent upgrades in our homeland security strategy call for a slew of new behavioral science degree candidates. And the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that those who earn an online degree in behavioral science will have their pick of positions in the coming decade.

The Behavioral Science Career Profile

  • Government Based. Federal, state, and local governments are the major employers of behavioral science degree graduates.
  • Competitive Field. Overall employment of behavioral science degree holders will grow more slowly than average for all occupations through 2014.
  • Online Advantage. Earning an online degree in behavioral science will allow you to earn your credentials quickly and inexpensively.

Don’t keep the FBI waiting. Earn your behavioral science degree through an online program and do your part to help keep our country safe.