Paralegals: Behind The Legal Scenes

What makes a degree or certificate in paralegal studies one of the most popular online degrees? The programs are efficient, the studies are comprehensive, and the job market for paralegals is predicted to have stable growth in the future.

We all know that lawyers are important. A reputation of power and responsibility surrounds them. But they couldn’t do it alone.

Paralegals have the sizable duty of supporting lawyers and giving them the tools they need to practice law. They help lawyers prepare for hearings, trials, and real estate closings. They write and edit contracts, mortgages, and wills. Paralegals must possess certification, which most degree programs entail. Paralegals with the appropriate certifications bear the designations CLA (Certified Legal Assistant) or RP (Registered Paralegal).

Paralegal Study Online

As a paralegal, you must have a solid background in legal terminology and proceedings. Paralegal study involves a lot of reading, making a paralegal home study course ideal. There are hundreds of universities offering paralegal home study courses, giving flexibility to the paralegal student.

Some examples of courses you might see in a paralegal home study course are:

  • Legal research
  • Legal writing
  • Civil litigation
  • Real estate law
  • Tax law

Job Outlook

Job market analysts have predicted growth for the paralegal career field. Lawyers are looking to expand their capabilities, requiring more and more support from good paralegals.

In 2004, the average salary for a paralegal was $39,130 and $59,370 for paralegals in the federal government system. Completing your paralegal study through a paralegal home study course could be a great first step in starting your career.