Online Paralegal Schools

The legal industry is famous for its emphasis on education. These days, the best paralegal and legal assistant jobs go to applicants with some form of career training. For a variety of degree options, students can turn to online schools for the background and career preparation they need in paralegal studies.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported in 2004 that most paralegals hold either an associate’s or a bachelor’s degree, coupled with a paralegal certificate. Considering online schools for a paralegal degree is a good idea, thanks to the wide variety of degree programs offered. There are 18-month, two-year, and four-year paralegal programs available online.

Online Degrees Gaining Credibility
A recent study by the Sloan Consortium has made many headlines recently, as online degree programs continue to receive positive feedback from college instructors. Approximately 57% of university faculty believe that online degree programs are equal or superior to on-campus programs, according to the study.

Education Needed for Job Competition
The Bureau of Labor Statistics also predicts that competition for paralegal jobs will intensify, making education even more important. A paralegal job comes with a high degree of work and responsibility, and being qualified means being educated. Paralegals assist lawyers with contracts, court cases, real estate closings, and more. Gaining this experience from an online school is a great option for students interested in a paralegal career but unable to spare the time or resources for a traditional degree program.

Earning an online degree in paralegal studies can also qualify you for a salary above the national average. The median annual salary of paralegals was $39,130 in 2004.