The Next CSI Star: Becoming A Crime Scene Technician

Being a crime scene technician takes a background in science, rigorous attention to detail, and a dedication to criminal justice. The education you need can be earned online, and can pave the way to a career as a crime scene investigator.

The job of the crime scene technician has become public knowledge over the past several years. Thanks in part to the successful TV series CSI (Crime Scene Investigation), the public’s interest in criminal and forensic science has skyrocketed. CSI was TV’s most popular show two years ago, and is still among the most popular syndicated television shows.

The interest is showing in education too. At one university in West Virginia, forensic science was the most popular major, with 13% of the freshman class choosing the degree.

Studying Crime Scene Investigation Online
The on-campus world isn’t the only one offering degree programs in crime scene investigation. There are many online degree programs in criminal justice, and many online schools that offer diploma and certificates for becoming a crime scene technician.

The job of a crime scene technician, while not always as glamorous as portrayed on TV, is challenging and exciting. It uses science to solve crimes in varied locations. It takes focus, drive, and a dedication to justice.

Online degree and diploma programs are an option for crime scene investigation because of the independence they allow students. Study on your own time, at your own pace. Online education in a crime scene technician program will prepare you for an entry-level position in criminal justice, and a career doing what you love.