Escaped Killer Put Criminal Justice In The Spotlight

Escaped killer Charles Victor Thompson calmly exited a state prison dressed in plain clothes. Criminal justice professionals were baffled at how he could complete the daring escape so easily. Here are the details on this breaking news story.

Charles Victor Thompson, a criminal who had been sentenced to death for his crimes, escaped from his prison cell using stolen clothes and forged security passes. Criminal justice professionals actually thought that he worked for the police department. Thompson walked past four security checkpoints before winding up on the street outside of the prison. This prompted a massive manhunt by criminal justice officials.

Criminal Justice for Charles Victor Thompson

  • Grisly Crimes. . Thompson was convicted for the murder of his ex-girlfriend and her then-boyfriend. He shot them both with a handgun.
  • Found Drunk.. Criminal justice professionals found Thompson in an area bar extremely drunk and non-combative when approached.
  • Blame Who?. Initial reports indicate that criminal justice personnel at the jail were responsible for letting a known killer back on the streets.

Anytime a criminal is allowed to escape from a maximum-security prison, the criminal justice system needs to examine its procedures and figure out why it happened. If you’re interested in defending justice, a degree in criminal justice could be just what you need. Here is what a criminal justice degree is all about.

Criminal Justice Career

  • Environment.. Depending on your job description, your career in the criminal justice field will have you fighting crime on several fronts.
  • Job Outlook. . With criminals becoming more devious, there will always be a need for criminal justice professionals.
  • Education. . You can earn your criminal justice degree in two years from an accredited technical college in your area.

If you’d like to help keep our streets safe, then a degree in the criminal justice field may be just what you’re looking for.