Two Surprising Benefits Of Online MBA Programs

Earning an MBA has always been a smart career move. Here are two more reasons why earning an online MBA can help not only advance your career, but move it in the direction you’re most interested in.

There is a reason why the online MBA is one of the most popular graduate online degrees. An MBA can help you qualify for a higher salary both immediately after graduation and throughout your career, and it can open doors that might otherwise have been closed. Over 60% of respondents in a recent Los Angeles poll stated that having an MBA was helpful to a career in business.

There are a few more reasons why an online MBA program serves students well, too.

MBA Specializations
There are almost as many MBA specializations available through online degree programs as there are industries to use them in. Check out some of the concentrations you can choose in an online MBA program:

  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Management Information Systems
  • Human Resources
  • International Business

International Careers
Do you have dreams of traveling for your career? A career in business can be great for the world traveler. Every industry has occupations that require travel, from finance to entertainment to healthcare. And by choosing an online MBA with an emphasis in international business, you can prepare yourself for an international career.

Some online MBA programs even partner with schools abroad, giving online students the chance to interact with business students in other countries. Business school is often where networks form–connections which may be valuable later in your career.