An Online MBA Mixed With Some Information Technology Served Straight Up

In the age of technology, the name of the game is specialization. Those who are experts in their respective field will make more money, plain and simple. You can customize your online MBA degree by focusing on information technology. From there, the world is your oyster.

When our college and university systems began splicing general degrees into more focused programs, the educational system made a step in the right direction. For example, those who once majored in business could know specialize in business administration, management, or finance. Now, degrees can take on the focus of some of our most pressing concerns to date. Consider the Master’s of Business Administration. This respected degree can be accompanied by specialist training in information technology and increase your value to employers.

Online MBA Facts

  • Learner Breakdown. Nearly two-thirds of all MBA degrees conferred are earned through an online or distance learning format.
  • No Interruption. Earning an online MBA will allow you to complete your program requirements and still work full time.
  • Salary Increase. Many MBA graduates are seeing their salaries jump 50% or more as a result of this new degree.

Adding a business niche in with your online MBA is simple to do. Especially with the online format, earning a specialty focus is as simple as taking three to five classes in addition to your standard degree requirements. But the effect this action has on your career could be staggering. Here are some of the positions the online MBA and information technology degree would make you perfect for.

Information Technology Specialist

  • Network Security. The growing number of cyber crimes has placed a premium on hiring this type of professional.
  • Database Administrator. An information technology specialist will excel in heading up an IT database department.
  • Technology Director. Imagine the thrill of creating the strategic plan for your firm.

There are hundreds of online MBA combinations that you can achieve. Find out more information today.