Online Marketing Degrees

Eat more! Not exactly what you’d expect to hear from U.S. Dietary Association officials, tireless crusaders against America’s obesity problem. Then again, they’re referring to produce. To get the word out, the USDA has enlisted an army of marketing professionals to create a new “brand identity” for fruits and veggies.

Healthy Marketing
The hugely successful “5 a Day for Better Health” campaign, launched in 1988 by a team of California public health officials, has inspired the USDA to develop their own marketing brand promoting fruits and vegetables. The USDA’s new dietary plan calls for up to 13 small servings per day, depending on the individual.

Competing for “Stomach Share”
Public health officials called on a professional branding firm to get their new campaign off the ground. It was a marketing challenge like no other: the USDA was essentially competing for “stomach share” against the likes of soda, sugar cereals, and fried foods. But unlike Coke, their product comes in countless shapes and sizes, fresh, frozen, and canned. After months of market research, marketing consultants at Sterling Brands came up with a simple slogan: “Fruits & Veggies–More Matters.”

Mass communication is one of the most effective marketing strategies today. The USDA’s brand campaign is just one example of how marketing professionals can harness that power to make a positive impact.

Public Health and Online Marketing Degrees
If you would like to send out a positive message, start your career with an online degree in marketing. University degrees are available at the bachelor’s and master’s levels, and include instruction in:

  • identifying customer needs
  • product strategy
  • brand management
  • pricing

More and more professionals are finding university degrees in marketing necessary to compete in the information economy. Thanks to online education, degrees in marketing are more accessible than ever.