Online Education Provides Multiple Career Paths In Marketing

As students turn to the Internet for their education, many choose online business and marketing degree programs. The flexibility of online education, as well as the versatility of this degree, makes the choice a smart one. And with more and more universities offering online programs, marketing students have even more options available to them.

Online Universities Expanding
The online educational community is growing. More and more students are getting their degrees from an online university, enjoying the independence and flexibility it affords them.

More and more universities are offering online degrees, too. The Sloan Consortium stated recently that two-thirds of all on-campus universities are also online universities, offering online degree programs in addition to their traditional classes.

Career Foundations
For business students, online degrees are one path to good jobs and fulfilling careers. An online degree program in business or marketing is a great way to gain an internship or entry-level job that serves as the foundation of a marketing career.

Online Degree Programs in Marketing
What are online degree programs in marketing like? The marketing program at one online university teaches the following concepts to online degree students:

  • Building brand identity
  • Developing brand loyalty
  • Advertising
  • Sales promotion
  • Public relations

One of the graduates from this online degree program, Danielle Swetz, now works as a marketing manager in Baltimore.

Another graduate, Kevin Schreiber, is the marketing director for the city of York, Pennsylvania. A marketing degree can serve graduates in many ways throughout their careers, whether it takes them into business, e-business, public relations, or even city government.