Starbucks Commercials: A Marketing Marvel

Glen gets ready for his day, shaving in his apartment. He’s the average office Joe. But as soon as he grabs his Starbucks DoubleShot espresso beverage, Glen is a sung hero, and the commercial plays out a direct marketing strategy that grabs everyone’s attention.

Daily Routine Sells Starbucks’ DoubleShot

Certainly it’s more than the caffeine that steals our interest in Starbucks commercials. The creative genius behind many successful marketing and advertising campaigns is BBDO’s Creative Director David Lubars. Lubars’ marketing pitches to the unassuming, rather sleepy starter who sees their own average existence reflected in Glen’s slow shaving strokes. Not to mention it’s a funny commercial with a catchy tune. We like Glen, so we like Starbuck’s coffee.

Direct Marketing

Sure, it’s just a commercial, but to a careful student of successful marketing techniques, Glen and the band Survivor singing a version of “Eye of the Tiger” is a carefully orchestrated advertising success. And the concept wasn’t simply a stab in the dark for David Lubars. Fostering marketing and advertising creativity begins with a fascination of popular culture but also the aptitude to learn and hone skills during the pursuit of a degree.

Online College

Lubars and other advertising gurus didn’t reach instant sales success but instead, developed their skills in school. There are hundreds of marketing programs available, allowing you to choose a path within the industry that fits best. Learning from a distance is also an option, with online college giving you the opportunity to take courses at your own pace. Many of these online colleges are accredited and respected by employers. Bright ideas are always a good start, but a degree in marketing from an online college can sell your name to big ad firms like…well, a good cup of coffee.