Learn What’s Cool At Online Marketing School

You have a cool product. It seems like the wave of the future. So why aren’t the cool kids buying it? Marketing can make or break even the best innovations. In today’s image-conscious marketplace, personal technology isn’t just handy – it expresses an attitude and a lifestyle. Here’s where your creativity – and a marketing degree from an online school – come in.

Techie Nation

Tech companies rely on the avatars of style to capture the public’s imagination and make their gadgets trendy among a mainstream audience – otherwise, even the coolest technology flops. A case in point: Motorola’s Bluetooth-enabled, wireless headsets have bypassed the youth market altogether, capturing instead an older male crowd known as the “middle-manager” or “Golf Course Guy” market. Not cool.

Why? Left to its own devices, the Bluetooth-enabled headset sold only among those who appreciated its hands-free utility. As a result, the headset emerged as a 9-to-5 business accessory – totally alienating the image-conscious youth with its “business world alpha-chatter.”

The Quest for Cool

In an effort to win back the coveted 18-29, trendsetter market, Motorola’s marketing team launched a campaign to change the headset’s dorky image. The new Bluetooth headset doesn’t say ‘corporate America,’ but ‘active lifestyle.’ That means cool colors (magenta) and cool brands (Burton). And sportswear/Bluetooth hybrids: Oakley Bluetooth-enabled sunglasses, for example.

Your Fashion Sense + an Online Business School Degree

In this style-conscious market, it’s no wonder the marketing field is expected to grow 18 to 26 percent through 2014. Give yourself a head start with a marketing degree from an online business school. You’ll learn how to develop customer audiences with classes such as:

  • Buyer Behavior and Dynamics
  • Principles of Marketing Research
  • Demand Analysis
  • Marketing Campaign and Strategic Planning

Technology doesn’t sell itself. Companies rely on the creativity and marketing savvy of people like you to make the most of their innovations. With a marketing degree from an online school, you can make sure the techie gizmos get the mainstream recognition they deserve.